Review: To Go Bowl

Dog Drinking Out of To Go Bowl


The To Go Bowl fits conveniently into your car’s 3 to 4 inch (standard and x-large) cup holder in either the front or back seat, and comes complete with a splash guard and lid to reduce spilling. The unique, patented design of the To Go Bowl also allows for storage of treats or dry dog food in its removable base.
The To Go Bowl is an ideal and necessary travel tool: Your dog will stay well-hydrated throughout the trip without the frequent stops you previously required and since the bowl can also sit flat on the ground, it easily transitions from the car to the hotel room, dog park or home, wherever you are and wherever you are headed.
It comes complete with a splash guard and lid to prevent spills. In addition, the cup portion is removable and can be used to store your dog’s favorite treats! When the cup is detached, the bowl sits on the floor to be used as a regular bowl. The To Go Bowl is great for dogs of all sizes, fits both regular and extra-large cup holders and is available in assorted colors. The To Go Bowl is PBA-FREE, is dishwasher safe and proudly made in the USA.

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Our Review:
My parents came down to visit and brought Whisper their Rescue dog with them. This was her first long car trip and she has never been here before so when they arrived she was very upset. She was panting and looked like she needed water. Well all of our bowls are way to small for her so I immediately got out the Two Go Bowl and put water in it and put it on the floor next to her. She knew right away it was a bowl of water special for her. The bowl allowed her to drink without spilling water all over the floor and was big enough for her to drink from. Don’t think Davinia and Indiana missed out on the action they both had to try the special water to see what it was all about. They don’t tend to drool so the spill guard isn’t a big deal for them but for Whisper who I have now seen drool water all over my floor (good thing its tile) from her regular bowl this is great for traveling so she doesn’t make messes.

The Two Go Bowl has now become Whispers bowl for when she goes on car trips because even short trips she needs to have water with her and probably some treats as well. This is the perfect solution and can be put on the floor of my dad’s truck so she can have water when they are on the go or my parents can take out when they take her to concerts in the park and put on the ground for her to drink from in the summer. If they go on an overnight trip they can store her food in the bowl or on a longer trip she can use it as her bowl in a hotel room now that Whisper realizes long trips can be fun.

While the bowl is really too big to fit in my Mini in the front cup holders it is way too big to fit into the one in the back but knew it would be perfect for my dad’s truck and Whisper. I am sure Davinia and Indiana would love for me to keep the cup part in order to have easy access to treats when we are on the road since that fits perfectly in a MINI cup holder and would hold more then enough treats for them. I really do like this set because it is so versatile and no matter how you use it the water can be covered and so can the treats so that nothing spills all over the car when you hit a bump or have to stop suddenly. I would love it if they made one of these that attaches to the dogs crate with the spill guard and treat holder that would be perfect for Davinia and Indiana since they always travel in their crate on long road trips.

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